About Us

The College Park Arts Center (CPAC), formerly named the College Park Neighborhood Arts and Theatre Center, is founded to provide a center for the College Park community and beyond to celebrate life together through the visual and performing arts.

From the most struggling to the most successful and from our youngest residents to the oldest our mission is to advance the continuing growth of a strong, creative and well-connected 32804 community & beyond through the sustaining and enriching world of the visual and performing arts.


CPAC began when a resident in December 2012 thought about what may still be missing?
College Park had grown much yet still had no significant entertainment center of its own.

After a community meeting in April 2013, in August 2013 an action plan was developed for a neighborhood arts center and since CPAC has performed in schools, churches, ballrooms, storefronts, and parks – producing sixteen arts events including signature annual events, plays, concerts, camps, galas and more, – anywhere a suitable space could be found.

In October 2016 CPAC secured its first home at 2421 Edgewater Drive and here we are excited to provide continual year-round visual & performing arts programming:

A permanent art gallery featuring seasonal openings and continual exhibits and performing arts programming including Dances, Educational Workshops, Classes & Camps, Comedy revues, Guest Speakers  – Lecture Series, Mentoring of Young Artists Programming, Movie Screenings, Musical Concerts and Cabarets, Plays, Performance Art, Poetry Events, Variety Shows & Showcases, Special “Kids Art” Programming & Classes, Writers/Authors and Storytelling Events and more!

CPAC also serves as a venue for original plays, songs, dances, movies, literature and art in all disciplines and offers its facilities for schools, clubs, businesses and individual residents to provide for a central neighborhood home.


What began as a conceptual idea in 2013 to provide a neighborhood arts and theatre center has grown to now in 2016 include a successful three year programming history with much more to come at our new home.

Please enjoy this pictorial narration:

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